Customers are hungry for more

For more than 50 years George Webb has built our brand around a simple promise: we are a neighborhood restaurant that serves good food at value prices, 24 hours a day. It has resulted in remarkable customer loyalty. Few franchise concepts can match George Webb’s knack for turning customers into “regulars.” According to a customer satisfaction survey, 59 percent of Webb customers visit one or more times each week, and 95 percent of customers come back one or more times a month. Food is a universal need and George Webb meets it in a way that our customers prefer. That kind of loyalty gives George Webb franchise owners a solid base on which to build their businesses.

Webb’s feels like family

Webb management and Webb franchisees are all part of the same big family – a family which shares the values that are at the core of the George Webb brand. Family membership also gives franchise owners a voice and a forum for participating in decisions. Close, positive relationships between management and franchisees are the foundation of George Webb’s success.

Power in numbers

With one call to the commissary, franchisees can order nearly every item they need on a day-to-day basis. Carrying a full line of food, paper, chemicals, and smallwares, the commissary enables George Webb franchisees to reap the financial benefits of group purchasing power. Because deliveries are made several times a week, franchisees can operate with less square footage, and avoid heavy investments in inventory.

Long-term loyalty

It’s unusual to find the kind of long-term employees that are so common in the George Webb franchise family. Almost every franchise owner can boast of employees – even entire crews – who have worked and grown with George Webb Restaurants for years. Training programs, benefit packages, equal opportunity, and the “family” spirit that pervades our entire organization – a spirit that puts people first – help explain our exceptionally strong record of employee loyalty.